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This list of equipment is the standard kit list and additional items may be added for specific camps
Equipment is to be packed by the scout (Parents are often able to pack more gear into a rucksack than can be re-packed by the scout at the end of the camp) in a bag or rucksack – no suitcases, please.

  • Uniform (Uniform will be worn when travelling to and from the camp.) 
  • Warm sweater, jumper or sweatshirts (Two if its cold or wet) 
  • T-shirt or similar 
  • Trousers or shorts (NO JEANS) 
  • Spare underclothes 
  • Spare socks 
  • Nightwear 
  • Hike boots or strong shoes 
  • Training shoes you don’t mind getting wet and muddy 
  • Waterproof – Jacket and Trousers 
  • Wool hat, scarf and gloves 
  • Sleeping bag (Suitable for chilly weather) and Sleeping Mat (Preferably solid foam type) 
  • Camp Blanket (Old and Woollen, good for keeping warm if its really cold) 
  • Plate, bowl, mug, cutlery (all labelled) and durable bag to hold all this. 
  • Tea-towel 
  • Towel 
  • Torch and spare batteries 
  • Personal first aid kit 
  • Personal wash kit 
  • Day sack and plastic drinks container 
  • Medication: If you are likely to require any medication (for example if you sometimes suffer from headaches), please bring it with you to camp. The leaders are willing to store medicine for you if required.
  • Please ensure that you bring enough full changes of clothes as we are likely to be getting wet both due to the activities and the rain! The key is to have enough clothes to stay warm as it can get very cold even in summer!

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