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 Welcome to 8th Basildon Cub Scouts


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When and Where

Our Cubs meet in Woodlands School, every Wednesday from 6.30pm – 8.00pm during school terms. We break up for school holidays. If in doubt – no school then no Cubs! Sometimes we start earlier or finish later if we have a special event or a guest. Sometimes we go out for evenings, days, weekends or even weeks. We will tell you about these in advance.

The First Few Weeks

Prospective Cubs come along for two or three weeks to see if they enjoy it – old clothes are fine and there is nothing to pay for the first session.  We will play lots of games, generally with a theme … Cubs might not notice but they will learn one or two things each time we play ….. how to track in the woods, crack a code or find out something about another country.  After a few weeks or so Cubs are invested. This will be just before the end of the meeting and Parent / Carers are welcome to come along to watch – it’s a good photo op! Cubs repeat the Cub law after Akela and make a very important promise.  Parents get lots of badges to sew onto the new uniform as a special treat!

What Are Cubs?

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Cubs, more properly known as Cub Scouts, are young people aged between 8 and 10 1/2 years old. They meet in “Packs” up to 36 strong. There are, at the last count over 230,000 Cubs in Britain. Cub Packs are split up into small “teams” called sixes – containing around 6 cubs. An older Cub leads the team called the “Sixer”. They are helped by a “Seconder”. Scouting logic strikes again! Sixes are named after colours, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red. Cubs fasten their neckers with a woggle in their six colour.

Have Fun And Learn!

Cubs follow a “training programme”. This is actually a major confidence trick. It’s cunningly put together so that the eight to nearly eleven-year-olds can be challenged and stimulated to the best of their ability. The trick is that the young people think it’s simply to give them a good time! As well as the main programme, there are some exciting “bolt-on” goodies, such as the Challenges and dozens and dozens of Activity Badges, ranging from Athlete to World Conservation. David Bellamy reckons that he became interested in nature through Cubs and the current Astronomer Royal claims that he owes his career to learning about stars as a Cub Scout.

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