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When on a camp/sleepover, each Beaver Scout will need to bring their own personal equipment (the following list is a guide, a kit list is given out for each event), they should be encouraged to find out what is necessary and pack their own kit. Packed in a rucksack or bag.


  • Complete Uniform to be worn for trip (labelled).
  • Teddy Bear or Cuddly Toy for Bedtime
  • Sleeping Bag (labelled)
  • Camp Blanket (labelled) optional
  • Complete change of clothes (labelled) separate Polythene Bag to Separate Clean/Dirty Items (labelled)
  • Pyjamas (labelled) Cutlery (labelled)
  • Waterproof Coat (labelled) Large Plate Plastic (labelled)
  • Personal Wash Kit (labelled) Tea Towel (labelled)
  • Towel (labelled) Cereal Bowl Plastic (labelled)
  • Roll Mat (labelled) Mug Plastic (labelled)
  • All in a drawstring bag clearly labelled

General Information

  • All Beaver Scouts are to arrive at camp/sleepover in full uniform
  • Any medication is to be handed to a uniformed Beaver Leader on arrival.
  • All pocket money to be handed into a uniformed leader in a labelled envelope (unless already collected)
  • Beaver Scouts are to bring a packed lunch in a labelled disposable bag. Please do not include sweets/gum or fizzy drinks.
  • No Gameboys or MP3 players or the like.
  • No Mobile Phones.

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