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We run three sections at 8th Basildon Scout Group; Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.   

Beaver_CMYK_blue_linear (1) ‘Friends of the Forest’ Colony is for children aged 6 to 8 years old (although they can join three months before their 6th birthday).

Cub_CMYK_green_linear (1) is for children aged 8 to 10.5 years old.

Scouts_CMYK_green_linear (1) is for young people aged 10.5 to14 years old.

We are a registered Charity and like all scout groups, we do not get funding from Scout HQ. Subs are £3.50 per week.

As a young person moves from Beavers to Cubs and to Scouts the more activities they are allowed to do. For example our Beavers can attend sleepovers or go camping for one night. When they reach Cubs, they can then go on longer camps and expand on the knowledge that they gained in beavers. Then as a Cub becomes a Scout, they become more independent and can go on one night camps on their own, with their leaders knowing what they are doing and what they have planned to do.
This doesn’t mean that you have to had been a beaver to join cubs or a cub to join scouts. The scouting programmes have been built in this way so that no matter how old you are there is a section that is just right for you!
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